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Energy Balancing

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Body & Chakras

By the time Seane Malone was 7 years old, she was recognized in India as a very ancient soul. So she began her spiritual training in India at a very young age. This form of energy work is part of her natural talent and part of her training.

This Energy Balancing technique goes beyond fixing physical body distress by going directly to the source of your body's difficulties by dealing with the energy configurations that are causing them.

The following is an indepth explanation. It is challenging to put this technique into words. If you want a less wordy explanation, go to Energy Balancing Simplified.
Then, if you'd like to read more, come on back here and read on.....

We are electrical/magnetic manifestations of the All-That-Is. In other words, our physical bodies, emotional structure, mental structure and spiritual structure are almost entirely made of whirling – Energy – vibrating, oscillating atoms and molecules and electrons and other tiny, tiny particles or waves.

1st or Root Chakra If we took all the 'empty' spaces out of the atoms and molecules of this planet, all the forests, buildings, animals and people of this planet and condensed it down to the actual matter that would be left, we would have a lump of matter about the size of a softball. So you can imagine how much 'matter'makes up one human body...... very, very little, eh? So what are our bodies made of? Energy. Energy that has electromagnetic properties. Just like a cassette tape. It 'records' all events and holds them.

Now, that means that everything that has happened to you - accidents, bad relationships, incorrect jobs, good times and bad times are 'recorded' in your Energy Bodies.

2nd or Spleen Chakra A Human Being has 12 Energy Bodies. All related, of course, but each Energy Body or 'level' has its job to do to assist you in being manifest in your reality on this planet. Each level records both good stuff and bad stuff.

That's why so many of us find ourselves making the same mistakes, attracting the same 'wrong' partners or jobs over and over again. Most of the time we just end up feeling stupid, like we just don't know how to make a good decision. But this usually is just not the case.

We're just playing, over and over again, the same 'recording.' And this 'recording' manifests the same events or types of events over and over again. Insurance companies are fully prepared for accidents to come in threes. And they often do. Why?

In part because the vibration of an accident becomes recorded and then it changes a persons reactions, reaction times, visual acuity, etc. And in part because the recorded frequency and vibration can actually alter one's reality. And sets one up to have another accident or episode.

We also have many energy vortices which receive and transmit energy, known as chakras. There are 7 main chakras which project both in front of the body and behind it. The chakras can become disfigured or off-center or partly closed due to past traumatic events or emotions and thus do not transmit or bring in energy correctly. This can affect one's attitudes and physical, emotional, and mental health.

3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra Now, we do truly have Free Will, and the good book says we do. Just what does that mean. It would seem to mean that we are free to decide just what we do and have in our life. But sometimes, it's pretty hard to correct these Energy Anomalies by yourself. And often, we just don't know what exactly to correct or how. We become so used to their presence, that we're no longer even aware that there is an incorrectness in the flow, just like becoming used to the sound of an air conditioner humming continually in the background.

However, our bodies know and will often try to signal us by getting sick, or breaking or injuring the same body part over and over, disrupting sleep patterns, or affecting our emotions badly. All signals from the part of us that knows more that our daily consciousness does.

4th or Heart Chakra OK, great, now we're aware. So, now what do we do. Well, God or The Universe or Our Highest Selves, whatever you want to call It, knows that there will come a time when assistance is needed. True Meditation, over a period of time will assist in clearing and rebalancing your Energy Bodies. Prayer-work definitely helps.

But there is a way that covers all of the above and does it in far less time than sitting in meditation for a few years. And that way is a gentle, relaxing and enjoyable process called Energy Balancing.

“Where there are two or more of you together, there I AM.”   

5th or Throat Chakra There are few people around today that have the capability of seeing the Energy Anomalies, clearing the Energy Anomalies, and then rebalancing the whole network. Granted, they are very few and far between, but they're there. Seane Malone is an authentic energy visionary and and she has worked with and developed this particular technique of Energy Balancing over the past 35 years. She actually coined the phrase "Energy Balancing" over 35 years ago.

Seane's form of Energy Balancing seems to encompass a very broad spectrum and positively affects much more than basic Chakra Balancing.

This unique and rare form of Energy Balancing can:

  • Release or remove energy blocks and anomalies to assist healing
  • Release inappropriate 'cording' to past people and events
  • Correct, align and balance the electromagnetic fields and chakra systems

People have found that this form of Energy Balancing can:

  • Activate their ability to bring what they want into their lives
  • Alleviate anxiety and brings peacefulness, and
  • Awaken their own unique talents.

Seane Malone's 35 years' of counseling experience helps, too.

Blessed from early childhood with clairvoyance (psychic talent) and with the ability to ‘see’ auras and to correct misalignments, she has worked with and helped people for over 35 years. Longer if you count the work she did with children when she was a child.
See Energy Balancing Testimonials

And what do you do? Lie back on the massage table, plumped around with pillows and a snuggly blanket, and . . . relax. And leave the driving to us.

6th or Third Eye Chakra Seane has been fortunate to have met, studied with and worked with many Illuminaries (bringers/holders of the light) of Light Work including:

  • Healer Olga Worrell,
  • Rev. Eleanor Button,
  • Baba Ram Das (Dr. Richard Alpert),
  • Hypnotherapist Dr. Winkler,
  • Dr. James Judd,
  • Seth,
  • Jerry Jampolski and The Course in Miracles,
  • Marilyn Rossner of Spiritual Science Fellowship in Canada,
  • Sant Keshevedas,
  • Sadhu Singh, (3HO Foundation),
  • Pir Velayat Inayat Khan (Sufism),
  • Peter Caddy and Eileen Caddy of Findhorn, Scotland,
  • Machaelle Small Wright of Perelandra, (not personal training),
  • Dr. Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oils,
  • Red Eagle, Shaman and drummer for Jackie Gleason Orchestra,
  • Carolyn Myss,
  • and others.

7th or Crown Chakra

Seane Malone is an ordained minister in both the United States and Canada and is currently available to provide for you:

  • Energy Balancing Sessions $250)
  • Raindrop Technique with Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils ($125)
  • Meditation Instruction ($65)
  • Private Clairvoyant Readings & Life Path Counseling ($250)

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