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Energy Balancing Testimonials

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Energy Balancing Short Explanation

Seane's Aura as taken by a Kirlian Camera
This is a picture of Seane taken by a special camera. The technology utilized was developed by two Russian Scientists back in the 1920's. It has the ability to photograph the energy emanations of a subject.

Seane O. Malone has always been clairvoyant which means 'clear seeing.' She grew up in India, Indonesia and the Orient where she developed her intuitive and healing abilities. She was trained in both eastern and western philosophies, yoga, meditation, music and dance and in the Energy balancing techniques which she has refined and worked with ever since.

Crown Chakra

Below are a few of the many wonderful letters and notes she has received from people who have received her Energy Balancings.

Jamie Dakota!

Jamie gave her one of her albums that came out just after our sessions and she was going on a coast-to-coast tour. In case you can't read the note on it, it says,

“Thank you, Seane, for helping to set me free.

. . . . . Love, Jamie”  

Third Eye Chakra

I write to express my sincere gratitude to Seane Malone.

Since meeting with Ms. Malone at our first Energy Balancing session, I feel that my life has been forever changed for the better. The changes are subtle yet dramatic and transcend every aspect of everyday life. I feel better equipped to deal with situations that arise in both my personal and professional life.

Relationships with my family and friends are now more harmonious; old family conflicts seemed to have resolved themselves, however mysterious that may sound. In general, I feel more peaceful, more joyful and more alive than ever before. Additionally there has been some sort of spiritual awakening that I cannot explain. Long dormant spiritual and psychic powers now bless my life.

Every day I thank ‘the great powers that be’ for bringing Seane Malone into my life. I find her to be wise beyond conventional wisdom yet totally non-judgmental. She is kind, caring and compassionate and a friend to all she meets.

It is a great privilege to know Seane Malone and I would recommend without hesitation her talents as an Energy Balancer to all who seek!

. . . . . . . . Pam Carroll, Business Owner    

Throat Chakra

I am writing to express my wholehearted endorsement of Ms. Seane Malone's talents in Energy Balancing. As I reflect upon the changes wrought in my life through her work, I find even those words -- Energy Worker -- inadequate to describe the depth of mental, emotional and spiritual guidance she has given me. Seane Malone is a positive, powerful, intuitive and compassionate teacher, healer, leader, and care-giver.

When I discovered some new psychic skills I didn't know I possessed, Ms. Malone helped me to investigate them carefully and responsibly, in ways that would further my growth. She taught me how to meditate, how to ground, how to access strength and joy, and shared with me a fount of information for staying physically healthy while the universe is flowing through me!

My experience with Seane Malone as an Energy Worker is continually uplifting. Grace and humility have endowed her with the ability to learn anew from each person she works with. So often she inspires me to feel as if I contribute as much to her life as she to mine — such inspiration is the gift of a truly great teacher.

It is a privilege to recommend her talents to you.

. . . . . . . Kristin Lee Mead    

Solar Plexus Chakra

My Dear Seane,

Just to let you know how very much you have helped me by your reading, both physically and spiritually. My emotions are now in much better shape than before I saw you. I will certainly use what you so graciously "gave" to me in my reading. I wish you continued success. I'm sure we will meet again, until then, God Bless You.

Your friend,    
Marian D.    

Spleen Chakra

Seane, I played the tape for my family. None of them ever believed in any kind of psychic powers, but after hearing the tape, they all said the same thing, "that there is no way you could have known those things without some kind of power, and that every word you said was true." ...I just wanted to let you know that my husband, family and I all believe in you and the power you have, and may "God Bless You" in your travels.

. . . . . . Elizabeth Field, Toronto    

Root Chakra

To Seane,

I hope you can find a use for this gift. It's a token of appreciation for the joy and harmony I have experienced since working with you. You've opened some channels that have brought me great insights, inspiration and hope. I look forward to our future sessions!

. . . . . . Love, Alicyn    

To my Clients,

Thank you so much for your comments and kind acknowledgement. It means so much to me.

. . . . . Seane    

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