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Thistle Hill's Wellness & Education Center

Ahhh! Finally Relaxing!

What the Wellness Center Spa offers:

  • Wellness Coaching & Clairvoyant Consultation (2 hours) - $250
  • Energy Balancing without Consultation - $150
  • Energy Balancing with Clairvoyant Consultation (highly recommended) - $250 (2-1/2 hours)
  • Aromatherapy/ Raindrop Technique Aromatherapy Massage with Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils - $125
  • Aqua-Chi Foot Bath for cleansing and relaxation - $75
  • Private training in Meditation for personal development and stress management - $65 
  1. Top-of-the-Line, researched and carefully selected products such as:
  2. – Young Living Essential Oils & Supplements
  3. – Living Steam Supplements, such as the best Colostrum available worldwide
  4. – L-Arginine/Vitamin D for Cardiac and Circulatory Health
  5. – Kangen Ionizing Water Units

Gift Certificates Available

Note:  We recommend advance appointments which will be held by a credit card. Cancellations with 24-hour or less notice must be charged the cost of the scheduled therapy.

We look forward to pampering you!

About Thistle Hill Wellness & Education Center

The Inn on Thistle Hill offers Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Wellness Center Spa - Short Version

Our spa sessions help you feel great by clearing out toxins and supporting your electro-magnetic field.

Our Classes/Seminars and our Private Sessions are very informative and fun. To read more, click here: Classes & Private Sessions

Wellness Center - Detailed Version

The mind/body connection is not the 'unique idea' it was just a few short years ago. Conventional medicine has recognized the idea that a person's attitude can and does affect their health and rate of healing.

However, there is, of course, more to it than that.

Oversimplifying, our thoughts and emotions create frequencies. Happy, positive thoughts and emotions create faster, higher frequencies. Unhappy, negative thoughts and emotions create slower, lower frequencies. Higher frequencies tend to pull our body's frequencies up, lower pull them down or lower them. And vice versa.

Additionally, another person's thoughts and emotions toward us can affect us as well. We're all in the same ocean of reality.

Illness and/or death occurs when the body's frequency is low.

It's very difficult to go around feeling' happy when that's not how you're feeling.

So, what can one do?

Using frequencies to heal has recently become accepted in scientific conventional circles. It was during the 1930's that Dr. Royal Rife was healing cancer with radio and light frequencies. The scientific community has only just 'discovered' the principle of "frequency for healing." (A side note, the big pharmaceutical industries are not very pleased with the notion because they can't patent or copyright frequencies.)

What is meant by ‘Frequencies’

Everything is made up of atoms and molecules. Things we see - tables and chairs, calcium carbonate, dirt; and things we don't see - air, aether, humidity.

All atoms and molecules have electrons which whirl around the nucleus or center. The speed of the whirling varies with the different types of atoms and molecules. The speed at which they whirl is determined not only by what kind of molecules they are but also from outside influences.

It's been noted, for example, drinking a cup of coffee (outside influence) can lower the body's frequencies for about three days. (Bad news for us coffee lovers.)

However, tests have shown that by smelling an oil of real lavandula augustafolia or Lavender (outside influence) will normalize your frequencies in just a couple of minutes.

Why. A properly distilled essential oil will still have its extremely high original frequencies operating which will "tune up" the surrounding matter.

An improperly distilled essential oil will be pretty much dead. It's been overcooked, over pressurized and over processed. It still has a smell, but no movement. No life force. No "tune-up" available.

What Thistle Hill Can Do for You

Here at Thistle Hill Wellness Center Spa, we support your health and wellness in three ways:

  1. by teaching you some principles of how the body/mind/heart works,
  2. by giving you access to very effective modalities while you are here, and
  3. providing sources of the best supplements and essential oils and ways that you can support your physical and emotional well being at home and at work

Because, guess what: YOU are in charge of your health. Not your doctor, not your insurance company — You.

Here's what you do:

First, the Body

Clear out the physical toxins that are preventing healing, provide supplements as fuel, and therapeutic essential oils for their nutrients, and their frequencies. To begin this, you receive the Aqua-Chi Foot Bath and Raindrop Technique essential oil massage application.

Second, the Mind

Clear out mental toxins. What I call Neg-speak. Negative thoughts and spoken phrases. Replace them with more balanced and positive thoughts and phrases. Our Meditation Class will assist you to become even more aware and astute along with flushing out old mental stuff.

Third, the Past

Clear out the effects of past events that have hurt you. Meditation will certainly help with this. However, the best and quickest way is the Energy Balancing technique that has been developed and honed over 35 years. Combine this with an intuitive consultation. Let's clear out the old and make way for the new.

And, most importantly, Educate Yourself

We will help you find the most informative books and websites. We are happy to share with you our 40 years' of experience in health and wellness to help you through the overwhelming marketing blitz that we all experience when all we want is a high quality supplement or accurate information.

Classes & Private Sessions

Our broad range of classes and seminars include such subjects as, "How to Use Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils for Health and Relaxation," "How the Digestive System Really Works & How to Make it work properly (No More Acid Reflux! ) " and more. If you would like to be apprised of upcoming classes, email us your contact information by clicking on the email link: Put me on the Seminar Mailing List

Private Sessions

Private sessions are an opportunity to bring information applicable to everyone to individualized guidance applicable to your own unique self and situation. The guidance doesn't always relate only to health but to life situations as well. People have found these sessions to be very helpful. Testimonials

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